You can’t expect progress by voting for the same professional politicians. Here are my proposals:

Business Policies

In Rochester currently, you need a permit to get a permit! With Rochester in a near depression, and #1 in poverty among same size cities, as well as #1 in NYS in taxes, we need an economic revitalization!

Regulatory Reform

Unshackle people, property owners, and businesses from redundant and wasteful regulations. They hold back job creation and keep rents escalating along with taxes for the enforcement and administration of these regulations. They are very time consuming and chase businesses out of Rochester because several times I have heard from many of you “It’s just not worth it!” A highly regulated environment is punitive to all and just another tax! Remember: The best anti-poverty program is a conducive business environment that allows growth and creates jobs in the process!

Here are a few examples:

  • The Lakehaven Restaurant in Charlotte had to wait 6 months for a simple curb cut for their parking lot. They lost business.
  • Our current city administration, ticketed Nick Tahoe’s employees at the Lilac Festival for not having tags, but vendors from outside the county were not required to have them.
  • L&M’s lanes on Merchants Rd. were told they had to take down their sign that had been there for decades.
  • Jine’s Restaurant on Park Ave., owned by a pillar of the community, suffered a 700% increase for his permit to have outside seating! This is a man who works hard, provides a service, employs people and pays taxes! Why punish success?
  • I personally went to replace 3 steps at a house that was destroyed by tenants and was told I needed 6 copies of a survey map,  a workman’s comp release form, and of course to pay $70 for the privilege of replacing the three steps that were criminally destroyed.

In this city, fees and the number of permits will be reduced and processes will be expedited for businesses.

Rochester Enterprise Zones

I will bring back Jack Kemp’s “Rochester Enterprise Zones”. This will require a business to utilize existing buildings, bringing them to code, and provide jobs. All permit fees will be refunded one year after opening, with zoning expedited, and no property tax charged for the first 2 years, followed by 50% the 3rd year, 75% the 4th year and 100% due on the 5th year. This will provide the capital to grow and hire people. Being located on a bus line will be required. This process will cease and a claw-back provision activated if the contract is broken.

A business “hot line” will be installed in my office. The buck stops here.

Delinquent Properties

I will work with banks holding delinquent properties that are boarded up and not in use, facilitate the immediate sale to all qualified, with the provision that all properties to pass C of O in 90 days. This will help clean up the neighborhoods, provide “new” housing, support property values, limit crime, and expand tax base.

Rochester’s Ambassador To Manufacturing

I would utilize Henry Ford’s principle of specialized jobs that can be mastered quickly to put people with limited skills back to work. I am the only mayoral candidate with 25 years of  manufacturing experience, to understand and reach out to companies to give Rochester a try. As your Mayor, I would be Rochester’s ambassador to manufacturing.

As your mayor I will go to Washington and advocate for a content law. If you are going to sell it here, you at least have to make part of it here! In the U.S.A.! My people need jobs!

Government/Administration Policies

No Sanctuary City Policy

I am a rule of law candidate! I will honor my oath of office, protecting the people of Rochester! I find it amazing that every other candidate is more willing to protect law breakers over our citizens! We have one candidate with a law degree and another with 30 years in law enforcement. Are they aware of the laws and the constitution? Or will they do and say anything, just to get elected, even putting Rochesterians in harm’s way? Maybe they are unaware that in federal prisons alone, there are 25,000 illegal immigrants serving their sentences for murder – 10,000 illegal aliens in NYS prisons. As your Mayor, Rochester will comply with all laws and not be a sanctuary city!

Allow me to illustrate why:
– Article 4 section 4 of the United States Constitution says “Shall protect each of them (meaning the states) against invasion…..and against domestic violence.”
– The Sanctuary City policy violates the 1996 “Immigration reform and Immigration Responsibility Act” signed into law by President Clinton.
– It violates U.S. code 1324: It is felony to harbor or conceal any alien.
– It violates U.S. code 1373: Communication between all government agencies is required to include I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and I.N.S. (Immigration and Naturalization Service).

What the other five candidates for mayor are proposing is nullification of our laws and constitution! They propose the obstruction of justice, and that would be dereliction of their duty! Let me ask all Rochesterians a question? Do you go to sleep at night with your back door wide open? Neither should your country! There is no sanctuary from the law! The people of Rochester should hold all candidates accountable!

Policy Of Excellence

As your Mayor, I will have a “Policy of Excellence”! A person’s race, sex, or preference will not matter in any job hiring or promotion. No one is to be advantaged or disadvantaged. Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to compete. The 14th Amendment of our United States Constitution (Equal Protection Clause) says all laws should be applied equally and that is not so when some officials have a policy of exclusion of certain groups for political reasons. I believe as your Mayor that I need to bring unity back to all Rochestarians, so we can all pull the cart together! You can only accomplish this by being totally fair! The tax payers should get the most bang for their buck! Competency matters! It’s good for business, for the people and for Rochester! Thomas Jefferson said it best, “Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.” This will improve efficiency and productivity of the government, saving tax payers money, and providing better services. No NFL team went to the Super Bowl with their 3rd string! This is truly social justice – when people are allowed to excel and compete!

Mayoral Salary Cut And Term Limit

I propose cutting the Mayor’s salary by 10% and limiting my service to the people to two terms, as well as limiting City Council members to three terms.

Department And Permit Process Efficiency

I will audit and study all departments and evaluate each department for problems and effectiveness. My focus will be on competency, merit, and results.

The permit process will be reviewed and evaluated for efficiency. In this city, you need a permit to get a permit, so as Mayor, I will clear the path for job creation!

Anti-nepotism Policy
I will not have nepotism. No family members will be hired by me.
Tax Cuts

I will attempt to cut taxes by 10% through my policies. I will not make outlandish promises to pander for your vote.

Property Destruction

As your Mayor, I would have my police officers  enforce Penal Law 145 (criminal mischief), class A misdemeanors. We have to stop the destruction of property to rebuild our neighborhoods, and then our city.

Vacant Property Registry

As your mayor, I will create a vacant property registry, like I proposed in the Monroe County Legislature, online. This allows citizens access to the banks that are holding said properties to inform of any issues, crimes, and maintenance issues. Police will also be able to access to know if the property is supposed to be vacant, for their own safety.

Vacant Property Repairs

Why knock down solid houses? I propose using non-violent prisoners (with supervision), school drop outs, and unemployed people, to work, clean, and repair vacant properties. They can learn a trade and work ethic! Then, charge the banks for the cost, and help the bank sell the property to lessen their non-performing loan portfolio. This policy will eliminate eye-sores, possibly new crime and arson scenes, raise property values, and keep taxes down by putting property back on the tax rolls. This also eliminates the cost of maintenance, boarding up, stepped up police patrols, and knocking down the house – all at the tax payers expense! This is another key to rebuilding our neighborhoods and our city.

Project Labor Agreements

Project labor Agreements (P.L.A.), will be utilized to employ Rochesterians where possible. If employees lack skills, a mentoring program can be created – better working, than on street corners.

Reporting Of Violence Against Teachers

I want teachers to call my office directly if they are assaulted. Many teachers have told me they are forbidden to notify authorities. No more accepting and covering up violence in our schools, sweeping it under the rug. Teachers and students must be kept safe! No favor is done, for the violent student, that is not held accountable, and then goes on to criminality and other societal problems. This again is a building block to revitalizing our city.

Drug Testing And DNA Testing

As your Mayor, I would advocate for drug testing and DNA testing to hold accountable those that misuse tax payer’s money! Many involve themselves in criminality, create children, dooming many to poverty, ignoring their parental responsibilities, and expecting the tax-payers to pick up the tab. Current policies negatively impact crime stats, poverty rate, schools, and the quality of Rochesterian’s lives. Current policies chase away our seniors and families because they can’t afford the government picking their pockets for other people’s choices. Fixing families fixes Rochester! This may be blunt and not politically correct but one Mayoral candidate has to have to courage of his convictions to tell the God’s honest truth!

Removal Of NYS Mandates

I would work with other government entities to remove NYS mandates! We need government close to the people because that makes it most responsive! Try calling your government in Albany on any issue.


I would work with NYS and Monroe County to screen and train unemployed and welfare clients to establish a childcare center. This policy puts people back to work, allows others to pursue employment, helps children learn, and lessens the taxpayers’ burden.

Electronics Pick-up

I will designate one day a month for electronics pick-up in each quadrant. Many electronics contain toxic materials and they sit on curbs for a long time, and children and “scrappers” break up the TV’s exposing toxic materials, broken glass and plastics. Many times the homeowner has to clean up the mess.

Citizen's Advisory Council
I would create a rotating citizen’s advisory council to stay accessible and in touch with the people’s needs.
Fireside Chat And Kitchen Cabinet

I would follow F.D.R.’s idea and have a “kitchen cabinet” of business people to advise on policies and issues. This would help rebuild our neighborhoods, fix schools and attract business back to Rochester – thus creating more job opportunities. Jobs are the key to reducing poverty, crime, and the burden on all Rochesterians!

F.D.R.’s “fireside chat” was an excellent idea to report to the people. I will do this too!

School Policies

Rochester has the worst schools in NYS, number 432 out of 432, second worst in the nation behind Detroit! Fixing our schools so they actually educate and prepare our children to succeed, achieve, and be productive citizens of society is the civil rights issue of our time!


Upon taking office the R.C.S.D. will be put on notice: they will have one year to restructure, cut the ratio of administrative staff relative to instructional staff, ensure proficient teachers, have parental engagement, and raise the graduation rate to at least 65% (which is still a loss of 1/3 of our kids!). A detention school will be required in order to remove disruptive students that are stealing away the education, hopes and dreams of students and parents that want to succeed! Learning consequences for your behavior at a young age may motivate some to achieve, not to end up in jail, or buried by their parents.  If not done, and our schools are still the worst in NYS, I will escrow M.O.E., all $119 million, until progress is made. I will not pay for services not rendered! My proposal forces R.C.S.D. to deal with the 40 years of failure of their policies, the cost structure to tax payers, and inept administration. I don’t want to be in charge of schools, but I don’t want to fund failure! If we fix the schools, you start to fix the neighborhoods, you start to fix the city!

Taxes And Busing

There are always candidates who talk about “transparency” but never deliver! Here’s transparency for you. The R.C.S.D. should bill and collect their own school taxes! I will not allow the cost of failure to be hidden in City taxes! How’s that for transparency? A senior citizen phase out of school taxes at age 65, 20% each year until 0% at 70 years old.

I want the R.C.S.D. to stop busing and reestablish neighborhood schools! Since 1972, we have spent over $3 billion on busing and still have the worst school district in NYS! Clearly this policy has been a failure and has been a contributing factor to the destruction of Rochester’s neighborhoods and the City itself. It’s time to go back to something that worked!


I would have a truancy officer for each quadrant of the city. You can’t teach a child who is not there. If parents consistently fail to send their children to school, they should be charged with child neglect! Parents must be responsible and if so charged, made to go to parenting classes. I call this, the Give Kids A Chance program.

Without their education, the odds greatly increase that a child ends up in jail, stays in poverty, has children out of wedlock, becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol, and never becomes a contributing member of society. In essence, throwing their life away! If you really want to break the chains of poverty and the pipeline to prison, the Give Kids a Chance program is key.

Saturday And Summer Academies

Saturday and summer academies must be established to keep kids focused on learning, away from drugs, alcohol, and criminal elements. A focus on our Vets, scouts, churches, community groups, neighborhood volunteering, mentoring younger children and other civic duties.

Slogan: “If you’re cool, stay in school”!

Extended School Day

I would consider extending the school day to 4pm. This will provide more structure, more instruction, raise grades, keep kids off the streets, and away from crime. Remember there would be no more wasted time on busing!

Safety Patrol

I propose a new adult “safety patrol” manned by the unemployed and welfare recipients that have been trained and equipped with radios, similar to Pac-Tac to ensure the children’s safety.

College Savings And Parenting App

Create college savings accounts starting in 1st grade with a local bank to teach children the habit of saving, focusing on the future of higher education and increasing parental involvement. This used to be done in the past.

Reform School

A real reform school must be established and must be tough! Undisciplined and disruptive students must be removed from children who are trying to learn. No one has the right to steal the education from others, dooming them to a life of unproductive poverty. You want to raise the graduation rate? Put consequences back in schools. If a child is in reform school, teachers should rotate class to class, not the students! This school is not supposed to be fun but instill some ethics, responsibility, respect, and education! It’s time to get tough! A nine percent graduation rate for African American males should not be tolerated! Parents should be required to attend parent-teacher conferences every week until a child’s grades improve to at least a C. Hopefully this will increase parental involvement, teach better study habits, motivate the students, and raises the graduation rate. I believe this is required to save our children and our city, and keep our children from entering prison, staying in poverty, or being buried by mom and dad! If grades go up the child learns to be respectful. Re-entry in their neighborhood school will then be allowed! I want all children to learn, be the best at whatever endeavor they choose and be a contributing member of Rochester!

Standing Against Social Promotion

I stand against any more of the “social promotion” of students. The 45% we do graduate, many are not prepared for life or they acquire unmanageable debt in college, which they did not learn about in the R.C.S.D. The pathway to a successful life is through an honest, comprehensive, achievement based education. Our schools should be preparing students to qualify for jobs, college, and life! It does not help to graduate if you don’t know anything.

“It is easier to raise a strong well educated child, than to fix a broken man!”

Mentoring Programs

We need more apprentice mentoring programs with hands-on work requirements. Nothing builds hope, a work ethic, and a sense of pride in a child when they can say, “Look what I did!” This will assist in real work force development.

Police Policies

If a mayor responds to crime data, you’re called racist! If you don’t respond, people die! So, call me names if you want. As mayor, I will do my best to save lives and stop so many African-American and Latino parents from having to bury their children and loved ones!
Neighborhood Precincts

As I stated in my 2009 position papers, I will have neighborhood police precincts. I am glad the current Mayor liked my ideas! This will reduce response time and increase visibility. My locations would be in the high schools of each quadrant of the city. (Charlotte, old Franklin, old West high, and East high) Why there? Because once we go back to neighborhood schools, we create a “hub” for the neighborhood to start to grow again. People will feel safer knowing our good officers are much closer and now have easier access. Having officers on high school campuses will deter drug activity from our children, tamp down violence in the schools,  and provide more assurance of safety to children and teachers alike! It also provides real community policing, building relationships with children at a young age and setting the example for them. Officers who live and work in the same neighborhood will take “ownership” of that neighborhood. The city already owns the schools so they won’t have to pay rent to the current East/West facilities, thus saving the taxpayers money! Truancy enforcement will also be more effective which will increase the graduation rates! and attendance. Note: If you rebuild the neighborhoods, you rebuild the city!

Operation Trigger Lock

I will deploy “Operation Trigger Lock”. This policy uses a federal prosecutor for all gun related crimes using mandatory sentencing minimums. The same policy worked in Richmond, Virginia. This also helps more efficient coordinating of state, local, and federal authorities. Having a federal prosecutor in the D.A.’s office should be a welcome help. As mayor my job is to protect the people, and the policy of limited police engagement allowing thirty gangs to exist in Rochester has not worked – resulting in the deaths of many African-American and Latino citizens! Using crime reduction teams to target criminals is needed while respecting people; thus saving lives and revitalizing our neighborhoods. Rest assured I won’t be politically correct and play paddy-cake with criminals.

I will also advocate for a five-year sentence if a gun is used in a crime.

Law Enforcement Deployment

A surge of many law enforcement departments need to be deployed all at the same time, to crush the gang activities. Targeting criminality saves lives, rebuilds the neighborhoods, and restores faith in leadership. In the long term this also saves taxpayers money while attracting businesses back to Rochester! Bring people jobs again and expanding the tax base will lower taxes for everyone. Less policing resulted in a seventeen percent increase in murders in the top fifty cities.

Honest Statistics

I will have no more untruths of “crimes at a 30-year low”! I will direct my police chief to tell the truth and issue honest statistics, including the number of shots fired! Past administrations have hid this information.

Property Destruction

I wil enforce property destruction laws with Penal code 145 Criminal Mischief Charge. We have three thousand vacant properties and so many of these are from landlords dealing with a city that refused to hold the criminals doing the destruction accountable. The Democrats didn’t want to hold violators accountable! After so many times blaming the landlords (sometimes accurately) for the actions of others, fining them, bringing the landlords to court, RPD has not been allowed to enforce (because it’s a civil matter). If we make evictions difficult to process, property owners will walk away! This destroys our neighborhoods and our city, decreases property assessments, creates new crime and arson scenes, chases away citizens and businesses, affects taxpayers! How much in taxes does a demolished house pay? Zero! All because of the lack of enforcement against the tenants who wrecked the property and are now evicted, then going on to the next property and does it again. Yes, lets hold property owners responsible, but also the tenants too!

High 5 Fridays

I would have my available officers participate in “High 5 Fridays”, greeting children as they walk into schools to build relationships, positive reinforcement, and respect. Also, a ‘Cookies and Cops” program would be a great asset to the city!

Police Athletic League

I will bring back P.A.L. (police athletic league) on a large scale. This will provide relationship building, and teach sportsmanship helping to decrease crime.

Bike And Walking Patrols
All neighborhood precincts will bring back walking and biking patrols.